Thursday, August 20, 2009

yes, there is god

vinay bihari singh

there is a interesting news. the scientist of university of queensland, brisbane has revealed that when cockroach rests he or she stops breathing for 40 minutes. i wonder to read this research. after all yogi also reaches the breathless state. though yogi may live without breath as long as he or she wish. but to know about this creature in this regard is certainly new thing.
the second thing i read is a story of second world war. a french air force officer ronald nikson enterd in the german territory with his team for looking there bunkers. the germans fired at them and the plane caught fire. nikson did not believe in god. but when he confronted with death, he suddenly cried- IF THERE IS GOD, SAVE ME FROM DEATH. after that he was unconcious. when he awaken after long 2 months, he was informed by family members that he was only serviver in his team. immediately he realised GOD. he contacted many fathers of churches and asked- HOW I CAN CONTACT GOD?. he could not got any answer. then he turned towards india. he had heard about great indian saints. he resigned from air force and came to india- in lucknow (u.p). he joined as english proffesor in lucknow university and later he realised god- as sri krishna.

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