Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movement of computer mouse by thought

Vinay Bihari Singh

Recent researches say that you can move computer mouse by thought. miracle? yes. Paramhansa Yogananda ji has said- Thought is fire. You can make your life heaven by good thoughts and disturbed by bad thoughts. It depends upon us. So, if your thoughts are powerful, you can make the situation according to your will. scientists says- a high sensitive computer will read you mind and move the mouse according to your choice.
In Upanishads it is said- Man ev manushyanam, karanam bandh mokshyo..
So we are, what we think. If good thoughts dominates us we are with God, if bad thoughts are in our mind we are suffering. That's why Rishies say- Chinta se chaturai ghate, means- If we are in tension, our mind will less intelligent. But why we fall in the net of tension? this is a habit of the mind. whay this bad habbit? because we ourself surrender to that situation. What should we do to avoid tension? Rishies say- Sit calmly, search the solution of the problem. Do your best and leave it to the God. This is best way to get out of tension.

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