Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Divine mother

We are free to visualise any aspect og God. Many prople have deep faith in God as divine mother. Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Ramprasad, Vamakhepa and other famous saints see God as Mother Kali. there is a song of Ramprasad as below- will the day o come to me ma when saying mother dear my eys will flow tears wisdom lotus will blossom forth daekness will steal away. steel away, steel away steal away ma steal away. thosand veda do declare divine mother every where.......... what a sweet song. when Ramprasad sang the song he was weeping in love of divine mother. his songs use to call- Ramprasadi gaan. Ramkrishna paramhansa also wept always for Mother Kali. He always said- Kali, Krishna, Durga, Ram, Shiva are same. these all names are of one God. repeat any name with full devotion, you will get benifited.

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