Thursday, February 16, 2012

Put Peace and Love First in Everything

by Joshua Lim

Stay strong in the Lord,
by doing things according to His will.
Work together as one,
by tolerating one another.

Above all, put peace and love above everything else,
by thinking positively of other people.

Trust in the Lord
in everything that you do.
Seek Him
for advices and guidance,
for His will to shine ever brighter
in the darkest night.

Listen to what the Lord says,
and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Know that the Lord hears all prayers,
and is always by your side.
Talk to Him in your quiet time,
and build a relationship with Him.
Know that He’s with you,
even through the harshest times
when even your heart begin to doubt.
But know this..
even in your sleep and tiredness,
He comes and looks after you,
to protect and watch over you.
Ask yourself…
what greater power can come against
the power of the Almighty One?

Therefore seek the favor of the great I AM,
and see blessings into your life,
for who can shut the gates of the heavens
beside God Himself?
But also remember…God is just and righteous,
and do not overlook His judgment and anger.
Thus do not judge others so that you be not judged.
Be merciful so that you can receive mercy from God.

Be the salt of the earth; make a difference.
Be a history maker.
Everything starts with you yourself.
Love one another as you love yourself.
Obey the Word of the Lord.
Be aware of the traps
that Satan placed along your path.
Always be watchful and alert,
for the evil ones are ever ready to pull us down.
Fear the Lord and fulfill His commandments,
and you shall be called His child.

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