Saturday, October 1, 2011

what happens after death?

Vinay Bihari Singh

Great saints has said- after death, we enter in to astral world. then we freed from body problems. Paramhansa Yogananda ji (Founder of Yogoda satsanga society of India/self realization fellowship) has written in Aoutobiography of a Yogi that there are many levels in astral world just like here on earth. But those who are lover of God, are always happy in the astral world. your astral body is made of light and consciousness. so you can move where ever you want. But for bad souls (who are evil doers) there is no joy there. those who committed suicide, are worst souls. the can not get body for long years. they feel trouble every where. That's why saints say- Never commit suicide. Otherwise you will get more trouble when you will be dead.
That's why we should be more loving towards human beings, more tolerant toward those who are less previlaged. Paramhansa Yogananda has said- God is always loving you unconditionly. But He is not dictator. that's why He has given you free will. So love God mement by moment.

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